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Moving Forward:

Commitment: a word
that means so many
different things to us on
so many different levels,
but in the end comes
down to one very certain
feeling; permanence.
is it that we fear committing
to something means that we
are settling as a person and
the journey ends there?  

This quarter I challenge you to
commit to yourself on a
greater level and to view the
word commitment in a whole
new way.

Many years ago, I designed a
tattoo that would hold
meaning the rest of my life; a
bookmark for all my years to
come for all the chapters I
was to live. I committed to
symbols representing the
truths of my life:
Discovery, and

These symbols remind to be
true to myself and commit to
living my life in the way that is
best for me:
always changing.

Commitment does not have to
be the end result of
something, it can be the
beginning of something, but
we are often programmed to
see it otherwise.

I am not encouraging  anyone
to go out and get a tattoo, as
that in itself is a commitment
all its own. I'm just sharing my
personal relationship with

Let the challenge begin!

Mr Trane
:: Featured Class at YAS DTLA:

RIPPED!- (Yoga w/ Weights)

This class will takes your yoga practice to another level.

Yoga For Athletes-RIPPED! is an all levels class that is great for all
bodies and body types. Designed with a set sequence, you never have
to fear being contorted or bent into a pretzel. But RIPPED! does not
stop their... Unlike any other class, RIPPED! incorporates 2-5lbs
weights to challenge your mind and body even further. If you have
never taken a yoga class with weighs before, I highly recommend it. I
took my first class with weights five years ago (begrudgingly I might
add) and loved it so much that I have been teaching it ever since.

Like all my other classes, expect to be challenged, pushed outside of
your comfort zone, and to sweat. In the end, we will have a good
laugh, and be ready to do it all over again next time. See you on the

Downtown :
Tues/ Thurs


Can't make it to a
class or just
short on time?
Contact me for a
Skype session.

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:: Featured Class in DTLA: Austere Co.
(Flow style class w/ Mimosa mingle afterwards)
It's all about community, sharing, and good times...

Set in a gorgeous Scandinavian Design Center, this class truly embodies community.
When I first explored this storefront, I instantly felt this would be the perfect place to
have a yoga class. The folks at Austere were just as equally excited to pursue this
venture, and we got to brainstorming on what we could deliver to the community.
Downtown L.A. is going through phenomenal growth and we wanted to create a
space where you could come in, do some yoga, hangout, and meet your local
neighbors. (Adding mimosas at the end was just a little extra incentive.)

This get together happens once a month for now, and usually falls on the third
Saturday of the month. We start off with a one hour flow style class that will
invigorate, challenge, and strengthen. Following our flow, we will work on bringing
you back to a relaxed state of being with some stretching and resting. Afterwards, we
welcome you to stay for Mimosas and socialize. You never know who you might meet!

Next Event:  
Saturday Feb. 21, 2015
Cost: Free (yep all of it)
: Please RSVP to help us get an accurate head count. flow/mosa me
*All levels and all are welcome. We also have non-alcoholic beverages.
**Please bring a mat, water, and other items you may need to do yoga.