:: The Here And Now :: April - June 2014
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Apr - Jun 2014

Commitment: a word
that means so many
different things to us on
so many different levels,
but in the end comes
down to one very
certain feeling;
Why is it
that we fear committing to
something means that we
are settling as a person
and the journey ends

This quarter I challenge you
to commit to yourself on a
greater level and to view the
word commitment in a
whole new way.

Many years ago, I designed
a tattoo that would hold
meaning the rest of my life;
a bookmark for all my years
to come for all the chapters I
was to live. I committed to
symbols representing the
truths of my life:
Discovery, and

These symbols remind to
be true to myself and
commit to living my life in
the way that is best for me:
always changing.

Commitment does not have
to be the end result of
something, it can be the
beginning of something, but
we are often programmed to
see it otherwise.

I am not encouraging  
anyone to go out and get a
tattoo, as that in itself is a
commitment all its own. I'm
just sharing my personal
relationship with

Let the challenge begin!

Mr Trane
:: Regularly Scheduled Classes at YAS Silverlake:: Apr. 2014

YFA- (Yoga For Athletes) - RIPPED!

This class will takes your yoga practice to another level.

Yoga For Athletes-RIPPED! is an all levels class that is great for all
bodies and body types. Designed with a set sequence, you never have
to fear being contorted or bent into a pretzel. But RIPPED! does not
stop their... Unlike any other class, RIPPED! incorporates 2-5lbs
weights to challenge your mind and body even further. If you have
never taken a yoga class with weighs before, I highly recommend it. I
took my first class with weights five years ago (begrudgingly I might
add) and loved it so much that I have been teaching it ever since.

Like all my other classes, expect to be challenged, pushed outside of
your comfort zone, and to sweat. In the end, we will have a good
laugh, and be ready to do it all over again next time. See you on the


Tuesdays 4:30p
Thursdays 4:30p
Saturdays 4:30p
Sundays 4:30p

Can't make it to a
class or just
short on time?
Click on the little
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Skype session.

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